11 Year Old Takes on the $203 Billion
Pet Care Marketplace

About:  Quirbi is an interactive robotic cat camera, treat dispenser, and cathletic play toy for your favorite frisky feline. Quirbi was created to fight the seasonal epidemic of cat boredom -- it’s a real thing, just ask any cat owner about the state of their couch a.k.a new scratch post. When indoor cats lack sufficient stimulation their anxiety will turn destructive. Quirbi allows you to play and talk with your pet from anywhere by using its app. Then give them a treat for not knocking over all your vases.

Competitor products are mostly stationary and cats get easily bored, Quirbi’s robotic technology is designed to keep them company and entertained. The prototype was designed and built using a 3D printer.

Industry Size: Pet care is a $203 billion dollar marketplace

Business Model: Manufacturing, retail, and subscription

Competitors: Furbo, Petzi

Founder: Myra zur Muehlen (11 years old) in 2019