12 Year Old Develops Prototype to Take on $26 Billion Concession Catering Industry

About:  OMnI: On-land Mobility for Interactive Interfaces is a remote controlled robot that can hold all your devices or be programmed for any task. At the moment, it is the impressive robotic prototype is programmed for leasing to stadiums for In-Seat concession stand delivery robot at baseball games or to theaters for popcorn delivery, right to your seat! No more waiting in line at half time or missing the plot of the movie. There are virtually so many things that you can program this robot to do. Joshua, the founder's vision is to integrate technology solutions into the lives of everyday humans.

Industry Size: Concession catering is a $26 billion dollar business

Business Model: Lease the robot to stadiums

Competitors: Concession stands and salespeople

Founders: Joshua Dayo (12 years old) in 2019