12 Year Old Develops Robotics to Take on the $38 Billion US Milk Production Industry


About: Whoever said don’t cry over spilt milk clearly doesn’t understand the value of a tall glass of this delicious white gold. Moo Moo Milking Systems is a small and hobby farmer’s dream by automating the milking process through robotic plungers. The plungers will ensure everyone is having an udderly good time. These automatic milkers really frees up a farmers time to take up other hobbies. One cow can be worth upwards of $35,000 throughout its milking career. The prototype is coming to a farm near you, putting cows back in control and allowing hobby farmers to focus on the happiness of the cow. Moo Moo wants to begin to explore automating the milking process of other animals, like goats.

Industry SIze: Total 2017 U.S. milk production was valued at $38.1 billion, up from $34.5 billion in 2016

Business Model: Manufacturing and wholesale

Competitors: Tek Motion, Melasty, Traditional hand milking

Founders: Finn Murphy (12 years old) in 2019