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9 Year Old Looks to Disrupt the $50 Million Monster Truck Industry

About:  Hold on to your Mountain Dew, because Mini Monster Truck Meetups are about to run you over with fun. Have you ever been to a Monster Truck show and thought, “I wish I too could be in control of a truck and run things over?” Well now you can! Mini Monster Truck Meetups are a niche group that hands you a remote controlled monster truck with the purpose of crashing into opponents and getting dirty. Much cheaper than a therapist, this allows you to let some energy loose.  The app will host competitions similar to how Monster Truck operates. Be in control of your action and fun!

Industry Size: Monster Truck is a $50 million dollar industry

Business Model: Event Ticket Sales and Sponsorships

Competitors: Monster Truck

Founders: Caden High (9 years old) in 2019