10 Year Old Develops Indoor Farm to Take on the $12 Billion Local Food Industry


About:  GrowInLow is an organic herb company that produces the freshest edible herbs grown right in NYC’s backyard, in Weehawken, New Jersey. Kayden has developed an indoor robotic farming system that grows an assortment of deliciously edible organic herbs. With his expert vegan knowledge, Kayden will have you saying “mmmhhh” to a second helping! His setup includes a grow deck, LED lamp, seed pods, and grow domes that use the moist freshest dirt available.  To taste more, look for the GrowInLow sticker at your nearest vegan restaurant.  He is already in talks with multiple restaurants and natural markets in the NYC area.

Industry Size: Local food is a $12 billion dollar industry

Business Model: Agriculture and wholesale

Competitors: AeroGarden, Supermarkets

 Founder: Kayden Jones (10) in 2019