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Young Soccer Enthusiasts Develop Tech to Take on the $7 Billion Soccer Industry

About: GIC: Goal In Check’s company is based on one thing, improving the art of soccer for all.  The founders believe that setting up Goal-Line Technology for amateur soccer games of all ages encourages sportsmanship-like behavior. VAR technology is the current tech that the professional groups use to call their shots, but it comes at a hefty price that prices it out of any one’s league. The twin brothers, who are both youth soccer players in a NJ travelling team, believe that they can program two go-pro type cameras and a sensor to the referee’s smart watch, allowing for any calls or challenges to be replayed in real time. The technology is specifically set up to be leased to amateur leagues who understand affordability and practicality. GIC will help improve the game for every player….not just the pros

Will have you blowing the whistle on your opponents...

Industry Size: Youth Sports is a $7 Billion industry and Adult Soccer generates 28 Billion Annually

Business Model: Equipment leasing

Competitors: GoalControl and V.A.R

Founders: Rohan Grover (9), Rajan Grover (9), Henry Peloquin (10)