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Young Entrepreneurs Take on the $28 Billion Sports Drink Industry

About:  Fuel Pops is a frozen sports drink filled with real fruit and hydrating electrolytes that you can eat or drink with one hand, while dunkin’ on your friends with the other. Developed by five young athletes, Fuel Pops will have you refuelin’ and coolin’ this summer. Have you ever frozen a water bottle only for the drink to freeze only to be held captive until it fully melts? And plain old water will have you running -- to the bathroom.  Not being able to refuel quickly will hurt your game and cred. One bit or sip of Fuel Pops will bring your game to a new level.

Industry Size: The sports drink market is a $28 billion marketplace

Business Model: Manufacturing and retail

Competitors: Gatorade and Powerade

Founders: Chad Stone (10), Ryan Halligan (11), Jack Halligan (12), Cooper Symon (9), and James Rocha-Mann (8 years old) in 2019