12 Year Old Best Friends Take on the $3 Billion Wedding Invitation Market

About:  Calligraphi is a greeting cards service-based business that combines the ancient art of calligraphy and the use of 21st century robotics to create customizable cards for any occasion. The robotic arm holds on to a real pen that allows the nib, the pointed end of a quill, to stroke the card as if it were a master artisan from the middle ages inviting guests to the King’s soirée. With greeting cards on the rise for weddings, special holidays, and thank yous -- Calligraphi will get your guests to-be to RSVP.

The robotic arm was designed by two twelve-year olds whose knowledge of gears, axels, switches, polarity, and motors were built and programmed to draw an authentic art piece each time. Calligraphi already has two deals in the works.

Industry Size: Wedding invitations is a $3 billion dollar market

Business Model: Service (Priced per card written)

Competitors: Handwrytten, Traditional Calligraphers

Founders: Megan Groo (12 years old) and Ana Curry (12 years old) in 2019