11 Year Old Develops Tech to Help Kids Prove They Can Take Care of a Pet

About: AnimCare is an augmented reality pet app and physical toy that kids purchase to prove to their parents they are worthy of having a real life pet. Think of the 90’s Tamagachi, but in an AR app that kids can feed, walk, and play with daily. The app allows for progress reports to be sent to parents so that we can finally put to rest the age old saying, “you’re never gonna take care of it!” Now prove your parents wrong and learn responsibility by the tap of your smartphone. AnimCare will have you on the road to the adoption pet shelter in no time. 

Industry SIze: Pet ownership is a $75 billion industry

Business Model: Subscription service

Competitors:, Tamagotchi

Founders: Madyson Shum (11 years old) in 2019