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We provide students with gears, axles, Legos, sensors, wheels, motors, controllers, and mainboards to create projects like watermills, hovercrafts, cars, motorcycles, drones, boats, tanks, and pretty much anything else you can dream of.


We teach members the principles of programming robots through multiple computer languages. Our instructors are proficient in EV3 Block Programming, 3D CAD Modeling, Robot C, MIT Scratch 2.0, and C# to build VR/AR in Unity.



Designed by entrepreneurs on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list from a wide range of fields, we equip students with the skills they need to launch their own products.


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Robotic Lemonade

The World’s First Robotic Lemonade Stand
Founded and operated by Rocket Club Members
(9-14 years old)



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April 30, 2019

Attendees at the New Jersey Tech Council’s Venture Conference in April were treated to lemonade made by a new Hoboken enterprise called the “Robotic Lemonade” company.

The company is run and operated by a 30-member team from  Rocket Club (Hoboken), all of them between 9 and 14 years old.

The Rocket Club taught its members about entrepreneurship by guiding them through its proprietary curriculum on how to conceptualize, build, operate and scale a successful business.


All systems go: Rocket Club aims to launch Hoboken youths’ STEM careers through after-school class

By Meg Fry
Hoboken | Mar 11, 2019 at 12:21 pm

Alex Hodara said he was amazed with the technology that students were creating after he was asked to sponsor a technology-based “hack-a-thon” at his alma mater, Westfield High School, one year ago.

“More than 50 kids showed up to create robotics and mobile applications, including artificial intelligence,” Hodara said.

A cornerstone of Rocket Club is to provide a network for their members that rivals any successful working professional. The club’s advisors and mentors, who also consulted on the club’s curriculum, are comprised of; thirteen company founders, nine Forbes 30 Under 30 recipients, four FIRST & VEX Robotics Alumni, a NASA engineer, and three VR/AR Unity experts.


Hoboken Rocket Club

Fueling the dreams of the next generation

June 21, 2019

By Diana Schwaeble

One thing is certain at Hoboken’s Rocket Club: Every child who participates will gain valuable skills for any STEM related job, says Director Paulo Nunes. He has big hopes and even bigger ambitions for the next generation. It’s all about making a better world, he says.

The club, which opened in February at the Monroe Center, teaches real-world skills to kids ages 9-14. Each student will learn about robotics, coding, and entrepreneurship, all necessary to be successful in the tech market. Nunez believes that the changes in robotics and coding can be compared to the changes when we went from stone tools to steel tools. “It’s not going to change some things,” he says. “It probably is going to change everything. So we want to get ahead of that. We want to equip the next generation with the knowhow, the business skills, and the people skills.”

Hoboken 'Rocket Club' Aims To Fill Gap In Youth STEM Programs

By Eric Kiefer, Patch Staff | Feb 12, 2019 7:00 am ET

Alex Hodara, a Forbes "30 Under 30" recipient, is offering 3 participants $10K in seed money to kickstart the youth-oriented "Rocket Club."

HOBOKEN, NJ — A pair of New Jersey real estate developers saw a gap in STEM programs. They wanted to build a club for kids that was fun and interesting.

And that's how the Hoboken Rocket Club took off.


Young Hoboken Inventors Create 'World's 1st Robot Lemonade Stand'

The "world's first robotic lemonade stand" is no kid's game. It's already earned a thumbs-up from several "Shark Tank" gurus.

LH Spotlight: Rocket Club

There is a new club coming to town, and this is your fair warning to RUN and claim your spot!

We were given advanced access to ROCKET CLUB, the new STEM-focused program for kids (ages 9-14) that focuses on coding, robot building and programming, and entrepreneurial skills. Yup, you read that correctly, entrepreneurial teachings is part of a program for kids starting at age 9. Intrigued? 

So were we.

We love learning about new programs in town, but its rare that we walk into a space and don't want to leave. This place is cool. Like, really, REALLY cool. The Rocket Club is set up like a NASA-style garage, with high-tech work stations, 3D printers, robots, and so many gadgets that we had never seen before. What's even more impressive is the amount of thought, intense research, and attention to detail that was put into developing the program and designing the space. 


Mayor Bhalla inaugurates Rocket Club in Hoboken

February 25, 2019

Hoboken Mayor Ravinder Bhalla inaugurated the Rocket Club, an after school club for kids (9 – 14 years old) that teaches robotics, coding, and entrepreneurship, in Hoboken, NJ, last week.

The proprietary curriculum at the Rocket Club is designed to introduce kids to the world of robotics and coding, while teaching them how to launch their own business, under the guidance of experienced entrepreneurs. Inaugural members will be enrolled as part of Level 1, which will begin on February 25th and last the duration of 17 weeks, according to a press release.

A cornerstone of Rocket Club is to provide a network for their members that rivals any successful working professional. The club’s advisors and mentors, who also consulted on the club’s curriculum, are comprised of; thirteen company founders, nine Forbes 30 Under 30 recipients, four FIRST & VEX Robotics Alumni, a NASA engineer, and three VR/AR Unity experts.



by Lauren Wellbank October 8, 2019

With it becoming more clear this generation of students will need to excel in STEM-related studies, it’s no surprise the core curriculum has been pushed so strongly over the past few years. However, recently experts and educators have been asking the focus to switch slightly to include the arts. The reason behind the change matters more than you may think. Aiding in this move is the recently-released First LEGO League Jr. Discovery Edition line, a “playful introductory STEM program.”

News 12 New Jersey - The World's First Robotic Lemonade Stand

New club teaches NJ kids about coding, engineering and robotics

Feb 15, 2019 6:06 PM MST

HOBOKEN - A new club that recently opened in Hudson County will teach young children about computer coding, engineering and robotics.

The Rocket Club at the Monroe School in Hoboken immerses kids ages 9 through 14 in robotics entrepreneurship and coding.

“They’re going to be learning business concepts, robotics coding,” says Yoohan Ko, who heads the club. “They’re going to be learning about robotic claws and a Mars rover…so they see that ‘Oh I’m building a robotic claw,’ but this is actually what’s being used by SpaceX, by Tesla in their factories.”


Teach Your Kid Robotics with Rocket Club & Their $10K Giveaway

THE DIGEST STAFF on February 11, 2019 at 10:56 am

How does a 9-year-old get venture capitalists interested in funding their business ideas? Sure, they can try to make an appearance on Shark Tank. But, if little Lucy is going to learn how to pitch VCs or neighbors on her hi-tech self-serving lemonade stand concept, she will need a lesson on entrepreneurism 101 to pitch; and a lesson in coding robotics to turn her idea into a potential reality. Rocket Club is ready to teach your kids and give them seed money to start their own businesses.


And For That Reason, WE ARE IN! (The Kids of ROCKET CLUB Debut Their Business Ventures)

The inaugural class of Hoboken's ROCKET CLUB have completed their first semester and the skills they have learned are absolutely incredible. These kids aren't just playing with robots: They are building, they are coding, and they are putting all of their skills together to create their own small businesses. The kids are competing in their very own "Shark Tank" style competition, where the winner will receive $10,000 to launch their business! There are 17 kids with 17 incredible business ideas and all we can can say is ... Hey kid, are you hiring??


FIRST-EVER Robotics & Entrepreneurship After School Club Open on UWS

Mike Mishkin July 15, 2019 Sponsored

Rocket Club – a first-of-its-kind visionary after school club – is on a mission to teach UWS kids (ages 9 – 14 years old) all about robotics, coding, and entrepreneurship.

Rocket Club is making its NYC debut and gave I Love the Upper West Side an advanced access tour of its Silicon Valley style garage workspace – located at The Yard at 157 Columbus Avenue (67th Street ) – to share with our readers who want to claim first dibs on a tour.

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